Friday, May 20, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it, but if you're in San Francisco...

I know it's cheesy and predictable but I just had to post this song.

I KNOW you were thinking about it. Put on your your flannel shirt and scruffy waffle boots and prepare to go back in time.

I wonder how that dude who sold all of his stuff and spent $100,000 of his life savings is going to feel Sunday morning when we are all still here?

Anyways, here are some kewl things to do in the SF Bay Area tonight just in case the world does end:

Haight Street Hop @ Milk - 1840 Haight Street, San Francisco @ 9:30pm
If you are into the rockabilly scene, get yo dancin' shoes on and cut up tonight for only $5. It is a fun place to meet new people and step out in your sexy vintage dresses.

Hubba Hubba Revue @DNA Lounge - 375 11th Street, San Francisco, CA @ 9pm
See some shimmy shakin' and enjoy some drinks tonight with the Hubba Hubba Revue: A mix of vaudeville comedy, scantily-clad sexiness, and originality. Tonight is one of the performer's B-day so expect it to be a full house and an extra fun night. Here is the flier:

Friday Night Food Truck Party @ Fort Mason - Marina St. and Laguna St., San Francisco, CA. 5pm-10pm
From Indian Curry to BBQ ribs to cupcakes, this is definitely a place you wanna go to get yo grub on for cheap. Grab a paper-bag beer, a couple of your friends and do what it do.


Bitty Boss

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Creamy Thursday

Lemme just start by saying that my husband's fam is THA BOMB as they must've read my mind. Yesterday, to my pleasant surprise, a greeting card came in the mail along with...wait for it...a $100 gift card for Wal-Mart! That's right. A hundred bucks!
Now that may not be all that much to some folks, but for my broke ass it saved the week! I jumped in my hood-mobile and jetted as fast as I could to the nearest 'Mart' for a mini spree. Among the many, many rows of merchandise I found this little gem:

Let's just say I went a little crazy today and started to get inspired. o_O

First Inspiration? Hair of course! I whipped up a hair mask with some yummy ingredients:
*1/2 box of Kara Coconut Cream
*1 container of banana baby food
*2 tbsp of honey
*1 tsp of grapeseed oil
*2 tbsp of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Conditioner (to thicken)
*1/2 tsp of hibiscus powder
*1/2 tsp of brahmi powder

This concoction is sitting on my head as we speak. My scalp feels soothed and tingly. I can't wait to see how my hair looks!

Second Inspiration? My morning coffee! Since I wanted to damn near eat the mixture I put on my head, I thought, why not put some of this yumminess into my coffee? This mixture is soooo good if you love a little coconut flavor with your coffee. The taste is very mild and adds a dairy-free richness that is divine. I encourage you to try this with your next cup of coffee for a little
extra treat to your morning.

Third Inspiration? Fashion! I really, really want to flaunt at least one of these coconut-inspired numbers this summer. Let the clothes speak for themselves:

This is too cute. I adore this flowy, creamy dress from Lulu's. It looks like it would be so soft and romantic. Available at

I love this 1960's cream-colored wiggle dress by FemaleHysteria at Etsy. It is a knit dress so I know my curves will be nicely accentuated. Sexy!
This can be found at

These brown and cream espadrilles by Prada are reaaaalllly cute. They look comfy too, which is always a plus when you are tryna maintain your sexy.

Ahhh there's the sunshine! As I write this I am drinking my coconut coffee with coconut mask running down the side of my face. The sun finally came out, I'm happy as hell, and I know it's gonna be a good day.

Happy Thursday!xx

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the midst of the craziness, there will always be music

These past few weeks have been CRAZY! Cash has been tight and I locked my keys in my car today..again. Oh yeah, a special thanks to the two extremely friendly and hunky firemen who helped me out. Well, I guess today hasn't been THAT bad with the eye candy and all.

I have been on full throttle with my job hunt lately which leaves little time to blog when I would like to. But I will be coming up with some goodies for you in the next few weeks, so keep yo peepers open! I have been silently inspired by many things in the past few days and I look forward to sharing them with you in future posts.

Oh yeah, something that I found solace and peace in last week is music and hairstyling, as these things always calm my spirit. Check out some of the You Tube vids that I have bookmarked:

HAIR: Because it does matter!

I can't wait until my hair is long enough to do this. Six more months to go!

Here is how she created the waves.

This is how I have been wearing my hair for almost 2 weeks now. Can't go wrong with easy, soft curls!

MUSIC - Dance like nobody's watching!

Hot damn. This song is freaking monumental.

I feel like rockin' a beehive and some extreme cat eye liner when I hear this song.

Woooooooo! How can you not smile when you hear this song.

Enjoy this lovely Tuesday! It's another sunny day in The Bay...