Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Hair: Twist-out with Enzo Naturals products

I have been taking a big break from heat lately by roller-setting with the "cool" feature on my hooded hair dryer and styling on stretched hair. Last night I was excited when I finally got my Enzo Naturals package/prize from the Newly Natural giveaway. It included the Marshmallow Root Twisting Pudding as well as the Olive and Honey Hydrating Hair Butter. Both smell and look devine! I used the twisting pudding to create 6 flat two-strand twists on stretched hair. I then used the hydrating butter on my ends to keep them happy. To top it off, I added a perm rod roller to the ends of each flat twist and this is what I happily woke up with this morning:

The results are weather-proof, shiny, bouncy hair!

Have you ever tried anything from Enzo Naturals?


  1. Looks really nice! I've never tried their products.

  2. Thank you doll! I would highly recommend the olive and honey moisturizer. I tried it again this weekend and it worked miracles!lol

  3. LOVELY! You hair is absolutely gorgeous! I'm excited to follow your hair journey. Thanks for sharing! :)