Sunday, October 17, 2010

And then we celebrated..

YES!!!! I knew they could do it. The San Francisco Giants have done it again. Lincecum was on fire last night and we just had to celebrate. We ended up not going to the beer festival because of my fiance's chronic lateness. After the mellow mood had taken hold we ended up at Gestalt ( to enjoy the most delicous, juicy brats I have ever tasted! The yumminess was a perfect thai chicken/turkey sausage served between a crisp bun. I'm comin' back just for the sausages y'all. The beer was nice and cold too which is always a plus.

After the game, we hit up my favorite dive bar, The Delirum( Their motto is "Service for the Sick" and I needed some medicine and good music to take me into the night.

My last stop? Deja Vu Pizza and Pasta ( for a delicious ground beef, garlic, and spinach slice. YUM!

Until next time... :-)

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