Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ready, SET, go!

Because who doesn't love big,bouncy, lasting curls?

Roller setting has been around since the invention of the blowdryer in the late 19th century. Voluminous roller sets were common-place for women of all races and economic backgrounds from the 1940's all the way to present-day where the Dominican salons reign supreme as many of them claim to be able to roll and straighten ANY type of hair.

1950's African-American hair salon

1960's roller set style on short hair

A cute little girl getting her hair roller set at a Dominican Salon

My roller set results from this past spring

Do-it-yourself roller setting tips:

*Always roller set clean, deep conditioned hair. You will get more bounce this way!

* Use smaller rollers for a more spiral set and use larger rollers for a more wavy or straight set.

*Keep hair wet by using a spray bottle filled with water. You can also toss in additional goodies like honey, conditioner, oil, or serum for an extra moisturized set.

*Use small amounts of hair per roller to ensure that hair dries in a timely manner. This may mean using more rollers than you would like, but the results are more even this way.

*If you have a really tight curl pattern like mine, use setting lotion to lock in shape for a more smooth set.

*If you hair that takes forever to dry, you can try mesh rollers! The drying time is cut in almost half using these rollers.

Try it! I just might bust out the rollers myself for Thanksgiving...

Have a great holiday!


  1. I have yet to try a roller-set. I've got to invest in some good rollers and give it a try. I love your blog as well! :-)