Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Show and Tell: Divine Inspiration

Even though it's only Wednesday , I feel like it has already been a long ass week. Sooo, let's focus on more pleasant things. Pretty things that make us happy need to be discussed.

I get my fashion and beauty inspiration from some interesting ladies throughout history. Because my parents are significantly older than most parents (My dear dad is 77!), I got a lot of inspiration from my dad's music: Songstresses from the 40's swing, 50's doo-wop, 60's lounge, The California "cool jazz" movement, and a hearty helping of 70's funk/soul. So without further ado, I would like to give you a peek inside the fashion sensibility of Bitty Boss. I'm such an old lady.

My Inspirations:

Billie "Lady Day" Holiday - I fell in love with her sultry, smoky voice, and her trademark gardenias. To this day, gardenias are my favorite.

Sarah "Sassy" Vaughan - This lady was one of my favorite singers when I was a child. I had never heard anyone sound so, dare I say it, sexy. We both were chocolate-complexioned, and I had a new beauty muse that I could turn to for inspiration when most of the beauties I saw growing up (the 80's) were of a much fairer complexion.

Cicely Tyson - This woman has such an extraordinary, unique beauty. With her soft-spoken manner and doe-eyes she was an example the sensual beauty that I aspired to be.

Chaka Khan - A fellow Aries, Chaka is sultry and passionate by nature like me. When I first saw that hair, I immediately wanted mine to be that big. She has set the standard to how big my fro wants to be when it grows up. She has such a spicy, eclectic fashion sense and was never afraid to try something new or bizarre. I loved that about her.

Bettie Page - This woman rocked my world when I was a teen. I was drawn to her bold, naughty looks and ways. She was workin' that bad girl swag to the fullest!

Who are some of your fashion/beauty inspirations growing up?


  1. I could kill for that gold dress! :D
    You sure got some kick ass ladies as your inspiration source. Thumbs up dear!

  2. Lovely ladies indeed. I think Bettie Page has inspired bazillions (its a real number right? hah) of gals everywhere. Something Ive noticed, EVERYONE looks good with her style of bangs. Thank God for Bettie Page haha. Seriously.

  3. @Little Rascal- Thank you! That dress is fire!

    @Atomic Mama- Thank God indeed! In this case we can use the word "bazillions." Sounds about