Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Hair and Using a Deep Conditioner as a Moisturizer

Happy New Year!

My hair has been dry as the Sahara lately and I needed a moisturizer with extra oomph for my 4a/b transitioning hair. I will be a year post relaxer in February and these tresses needed some love, so I pulled out the heavy duty ish.

In a moment of genius, I whipped out the Silk Elements Mega Moisture Treatment and got to work on my braid out. I started with damp,clean, co-washed hair and made ten braids. After sealing with my castor/shea mix, I noticed super-soft and shiny braids. Mind you, I used only a LITTLE of the deep conditioner because I have fine hair. I like using this conditioner because it has ceramides (to protect the hair), glycerin (for moisture), and adimethicone (for sealing in moisture).

I left the braids in overnight and pulled the resulting braid out into a fierce and funky puff.

The Results:

Back shot

Braid Out Texture

Natural Light

Products Used:
Co-wash- V05 Kiwi Lime
Deep Conditioner- Trader Joe's Nourish Spa w/coconut milk and grapeseed oil
Styler- Silk Elements Mega Moisture Treatment
Sealant- Castor/Shea Mix (w/essential oils of rosemary and lavender)

Happy Monday!

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